need to know this from a psychology indicate of view. i can’t appear to find any educational articles upon this subject but carrying to compensate for those. help!!!

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    4 Responses to “Why Is It Important to Impart Sexual Education in Young Children?”

    • Jordan says:

      When you teach children while their brain are still rapidly growing, it is easier for them to remember

    • Amy says:

      i am sorry, but as a child, i know that no child wants to here from their parents about sex. just sayin’. but from my experience , from my mom MAKING me listen to her jabber on about it, just leave it alone until they ask. and if they don’t ask, then ask them if they are ready to talk. if they say no, wait to talk because now they that you will talk about it.

    • josh 7th says:

      so they dont get AIDS..

    • Helper Man says:

      thats what i said to my sister she said that my nephew didnt take that class which it was available since the 5th grade (i know right) and then when we were playing basketball, i made a slick comment saying “ima dunk you so hard that the basketball is gonna have a orgasm on your head!” Which is slang for you know what he knew what an orgasm was but he never hardly heard about it… so all im saying is sex ed is to keep us informed protected and sexually transmitted disease free

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