For example: Wyeth product of Bona contra S-26 they have been of the same manufacturer though identical in price. Hope we could get the great answer. Thank you

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5 Responses to “What is the best formula milk for baby’s brain development? Is expensive milk have more nutrients than cheaper?”

  • Baby Mama says:

    Breastfeeding is the best for baby’s brain development. have you considered that?

  • britbritholt says:

    I breast feed so I dont know personally but from what my ped said and from friends who use formula good start is supposed to be the best and yes the cheap stuff is more watery. If i was gonna bottle feed I would give the baby a multi-drop daily too just to ensure he is getting all the nutrients.

  • baby_savvy says:

    As long as it has DHA & RHA, that is what is important. If it is from the same manufacturer, it is the same stuff… it is called a private label of a parent company. If you want to be sure, look at what plant it is manufactured at. If the plant is the same, you know for sure the products is going to be the same.

    EDT re vitamins: All of the necessary vitamins are in the formula, so DON’T give extra. The main purpose of vitamins for infants is for nursing babies, whose moms might not be getting proper nutrition (especially not enough vitamin d).

  • Kat says:

    While nutrition plays a big part of brain development, what you expose your baby to is important too and is usually what makes the difference. For formula to pass FDA it has to have certain vitamins and minerals and therefore the base of most formulas is going to be very similar. Compare the nutrition labels and buy the one you feel most comfortable with. I mostly breastfeed but when we supplement we use Similac Advance Early Shield which is what my daughters pediatrician recommended.

  • shortie2834 says:

    try similac advanced early shield

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