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    4 Responses to “What is a good book to learn the basics of Child Development?”

    • MizzLadyLink says:

      Go to a college and pick up one of their books on Child Development and get the most recent edition. They are good

    • BrunettesRbetter says:

      A Good Start in Life:
      Understanding Your Child’s Brain and Behavior

      Its a very good read and you might actually be able to read the book online for free if you do an internet search

    • Velken says:

      Are you talking about your child, or school learning? What to expect when you are expecting and What to expect the first year are both wonderful books for first time parents. But school learning your best bet is textbooks on the subjects you want.

    • cardboard cowboy says:

      Go with the classics – I prefer the Touchpoints series by T. Berry Brazelton. Any library would have it, or use this link to purchase online from Barnes & Noble:

      (if the link doesn’t work just do a search for “Touchpoints”
      or T. Berry Brazelton)

      There are other books for older ages in the series as well.

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