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    3 Responses to “What are some good book on raising children, and child development?”

    • Ashley ♥Aislings Mum♥ {09.25.08} says:


      There isn’t a single book in the world that can tell you how to raise your individual child.

    • Eva says:

      “Wild Boars, Inflatable Women and Nazi Grandparents – Eva’s Guide to Parenting in the Swiss Alps, with a special introduction from Fatima Muhammad” by me, Eva Braun

    • Sorcha003 says:

      There are too many books on this subject. Also, what you consider to be a good book and what I might consider to be a good book will vary significantly. e.g. I like books that advocate attachment parenting especially Dr Sears and co. Others think these ideas including co-sleeping are terrible. Find the parenting styles that work for you and then find the right books after that.

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