Since a really WORST tutorial outcomes have been consistently found in American Public schools, that upon normal have been additionally a many costly tutorial institutions available, mightn’t it during prolonged final be time to try something during slightest a small opposite or is a “solution” simply even some-more taxation income whilst needing no tangible changes to a schools?

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6 Responses to “To strengthen our economy, do we need to make sure that every child gets the best possible education?”

  • me says:

    i would not send my child to a GOVERNMENT school (i like how they use the word”‘public”, lets just call it what it is, shall we?) if they paid me to send them there. throwing more money at the schools will just get sucked up by the teachers unions, government school makes me sick to my stomach.

  • ouchababy1 says:

    School vouchers are the ONLY way to go. Even the poor get to select where their kids go to school. This will weed out ALL of the crappy government schools by allowing the free market to work. It will also weed out all of the crappy tenured teachers. Do you know how many good hearted brand new teachers there are out there who care about their jobs if it is competitive. Well……I don’t, but I have a few friends who are trying to get in to the school system after breaking their butt to get their degrees cause they wanted to make a difference only to find no jobs available upon graduation except substitute positions. The NEA can kiss my “angry white guy” a$$!

  • Pascha says:

    I think we need to think about what kind of educated people our country needs to make it strong, rather than think about what kind of degree is necessary to get kids higher on the pecking order.
    We already have too many lawyers and too many people in paper-shuffling jobs at high salaries who do not contribute much substance to our economy.
    We need to educate people who are good in math and science and who will be innovative in solving our energy and environmental crises.
    We need to educate people who can run government prudently and economically, so that we do not continue the trend of just throwing money away and rewarding those who mismanage and use their positions to enhance their own wealth.
    We should judge our present educational system by the results to our economy, culture, and survivability of the middle class, not by how many college graduates it turns out.

  • CV59StormVet says:

    Sure we do, but the responsibility for that doesn’t rest solely with the government. Parents need to take an active role in their kid’s educations as well. The government can only take it so far; Kids have to WANT to learn.

  • Can USA surivive Obamination? says:

    something has to do about our college system. Having to go into debt well into your 20s and maybe your 30s to get a degree is not the answer

  • Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated says:

    Yes. Education is an investment in the future.

    What is it you people don’t understand about:

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin”

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