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    25 Responses to “Learn Arabic Letters of the Alphabet, Alif Ba.tv”

    • ejerej5 says:

      Rabbit is spelled wrong…

    • mohammadun says:

      @tigersforchrist please dont say islam is bad or mohammad was murder because all people in the world know real ISLAM and prophet MOHAMMAD personal
      christians is good but islam best religion
      ???????????how many sword word in holy quran
      ????????and how many sword word in bible
      a lot

    • xalkoonx says:

      keep going and dont despair =D

    • tigersforchrist says:

      BS! Muhammad was a violent Evil now dead Murderer! Islam/Quran is corrupt! Jesus/Peace/Healed/Blessed/Salvation/God! All Muslims who became Christians are free of abuse & misery! Islam leaders are killing you! Christians Love You! Please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior! John 3:16 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him! Rebel & accept Jesus Christ! Be free of Islam lies! Visit cbn.com /radio

    • tpblog10 says:

      Im american trying to learn arabic…؟

    • r0rozx says:

      If there is anyone who wants to learn Arabic in exchange for American English (accent) , please contact me . If you are a new Muslim , I can teach you Islam as well .

    • XxTamiChuxX says:

      The pronunciation of all the alphabet is TOTALLY WRONG!!

    • Mr226688 says:


      يامهدي ياكويدي ياترس ابو صويلح تقصد ؟

    • UmmHudhaifa says:

      This is WRONG! The pronunciation of the 7uroof is completely incorrect and using english words as an example for arabic alphabets does not make sense at all is not good for teaching arabic words! Subhanallah!

    • Aornal says:

      المهدي المنتظر ستجدون بياناته هنا Mahdi-alumma. Com

    • tummeler says:

      Wow! A great example of how English is such a great language. The notion that letters make sounds, and therefore meanings, is so efficient. This video covers letters for so little, when there is so much. Can you imagine the keyboard that would be required to say anything meaningful? We haven’t even made the simplest emotion or thought here. It’s a bit less sophisticated than sign language for the deaf. Language that can’t convey more than a simple symbol would be a memorization nightmare.

    • superCatia says:

      Congratulations.Your video is very didactic.

    • Saharastimme says:

      @aaamosle haaha you r right ;)

    • Ghudai1 says:

      to study Arabic online serch for : lalinguaarabapertutti.c

    • roza2011miis says:

      إنه خاطئ على أية حال 

    • ITannor says:

      Using arabic letters with English words as examples?

      Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.

    • ThePeacefulFaith says:

      There is an online Islamic Board Game?

      it is really amazing!!!


    • usman3201999 says:

      Khan XD thats my last name XD

    • SuperBubbleking says:

      What its not correct you cants say sin for sheen

    • noraarabic says:

      Surprise from Masr international and Egypt Arabic center to all our customers
      For all he want Accommodation in downtown for one month (1000 LE) for room with Private bathroom
      To learn
      Arabic courses 4 weeks 24 hour (3 days in week 6 hour) the price is 1000 LE
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      Address: 17 Magles Al Shaeb St, Cairo

    • titje3 says:

      Not correct at all.

    • theidealmuslimful says:


    • AryanImmortalCYRUS says:

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    • iloveDyou90 says:

      the pronounciations are all wrong

    • ihatemuslims1989 says:

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