My kid growth psychology category highbrow asks me to answer this subject as good as i have no thought how to answer it?! “Little Chanukah Howie has denunciation growth complaint as good as a genetic disorder. He has gotten worse. Explain how a change of inlet vs. a change of maintain changes as he gets older.”?

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2 Responses to “How does nature vs. nurture affect language development of a child with a genetic disorder?”

  • High Tide says:

    I’m not to familiar with nurture, but I can give you a few aspects of nature of speaking.

    Human infants and other mammals have some similar traits which make speaking difficult, which are not present in adult humans. These are adult human traits that are not present in infants:
    1) Lower placed larynx (more space and control)
    2) larger spinal chord for better diaphram inervation
    If these traits

    If these don’t happen, children may have trouble with speech.

  • wacko847 says:

    You need to look into feral children. You’ll probably wouldn’t get much on a genetic disorder but you’ll definitely find info on the nurture or lack thereof aspect as it pertains to language development in children. The classic case is of course GENE!

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